Learn Animation in Photoshop For Second Time - Creating Frame Animation

Second Attempt This time, I used Create Video Timeline option, and tried to follow Smashing Magazine. I failed at the very first one, the blue circle, and I don’t even know what to do with it. I don’t think they talked in details enough. I googled the most of “animation in photoshop”, I feel that Dan Denneys tutorial have no talk in detail. Adobe Support has instructions, but all is word, I feel I am mentally have difficult in understanding them in the middle of nights. »

Learn Animation in Photoshop For First Time - Creating Frame Animation

Learn Animation in Photoshop with basic knowledge of making images. I have no knowledge of making animation in photoshop, this is my first attempt. I want to make animations for my Miss Rice Stickers. I found two tutorials are very helpful. These two sources are what I Learnt from: One is from creating Frame Animation Hubspot and Another one is from Create Video Timeline smashingmagazine You may interest my post —>How to create animation from Create Video Timeline . »