Internet of Things - Security Camera

Recently we had a incident at our home, where one of the lock on our garden gate was damaged by someone, luckily we have 3 other locks on that gate which they didn’t manage to get to. So we decided to put some home security in-place to give us a piece of mind, we wanted to get a security camera to monitor the door into our house.

There are lots of existing IP cameras and cctv solutions products you can buy online for £50 upwards that we could purchase, but that’s no fun, and we will be missing a huge learning opportunity here.

Me and my husband both love building raspberry pi projects related to IoT, here is what we used for this project:

We used RPi-Cam-Web-Interface to setup the software, it is a open source video stream of the camera with a web interface where you can access a gui over a web browser, it also do motion detection and saves a short clip to the usb flash drive when ever it sees something moves. It is highly customisable, you can write some bash scripts to run when the camera detection begins, and finishes. E.g. Send alert when movement detected, send email of the clip once it finishes recording.

Here’s someone suspicious looking :D RPi-Cam-Web-Interface ui

We have placed the camera on our bookshelf that points at the door, our book shelf is really messy, in a way it kinda hides the camera a little bit so you wont be able to see it straight away when you come in. Let’s see if you can spot it:

RPi-Cam-Web-Interface ui

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