Learn Animation in Photoshop For Second Time - Creating Frame Animation

Second Attempt

This time, I used Create Video Timeline option, and tried to follow Smashing Magazine. I failed at the very first one, the blue circle, and I don’t even know what to do with it. I don’t think they talked in details enough. I googled the most of “animation in photoshop”, I feel that Dan Denneys tutorial have no talk in detail. Adobe Support has instructions, but all is word, I feel I am mentally have difficult in understanding them in the middle of nights. I look through google search first page, I can’t find what I want. So I started the basic learning process: learning by Doing it.

I create a file called: second animation with video timeline.psd, (so I know what I am trying to do in future).

At first, I thought I make a simple picture, it’s a blue sky with some clouds and stars. I created three layers, blue bg, Yellow Stars and White Clouds. But at the end I made four layers, I made two stars; one is Yellow Star and on is Green Star. As you can see in the picture below, one is vector shape and one is rasterised. I will talk through to you, Why I did that.


Green Star

Firstly, I drew a yellow star using the polygon tool. When I try to add a position for it. Photoshop ask me say you need to work on Vector Mask Position. Follow the smashing magazine, I could not work out how to position it.

SmashingMagazinescreen shot

I got this error When I create only one shape layer. “Animating the layer position may not have any effect. You may need to animate the mask.” So Listen to Photoshop, I made the second star with green colour. And I decide I rasterize my yellow star. In this way, I can position it. In the end, I found three solutions, changing the shape position in Vector Mask Position, rasterize the shape or simply create another layer.

Photoshop Error Message

So this is what I learnt:

  • Moving the frame needle in the timeline and press the clock button to add frame Or change either opacity or position, the frame will add by itself. OK after I added the Vector mask positions, the frames have added itself on position. (I got my clouds no position frame but only have Vector Mask Position. The star have position and Vector Mask Position. I feel a bit mad.)
  • Change the opacity in opacity box, Style, adding mask for shapes in the layers panel.
  • Deleting frame either use right click or press the yellow demand shape icon in the front.

At the end, I make my Green Star flashing and rise, by changing opacity and positions.

Yellow Star

Because I rasterised the shape, it only have position, opacity and style under the options. I change the position no problem. and added some style. I make the star fall from the sky. By adding some effects at 2:00 frame and 3:30 frame, The effect is smooth changing. no frame style on the first frame, so looks like the star jumped. =.=‘’

White Clouds

  • I drew two shapes circles and marge the layers into one.
  • I changed position from right move to the left. As you can see, there is no frame in position, all the position frame is in Vector Mask Position This time, I make a Mask for this clouds.
  • For each fame I added, I drew some text on using paint tool with black colour. As the clouds moving over the picture, the text shows. That effect shows nicely in MashingMagazine, in fact, all the effect shows very nice, if you can use them in the right place.

Audio Track

I added an audio track which downloaded from internet. I have clicked a few links on Google, they all ask for register using emails. Click the music button to pop out list for Add Audio, it will open window for choosing the music in browser. Drag the end to cut it short, just like other video editors.


For the Export, choose the Render Video, so I can keep the audio on. If I save it as GIF, even is 128 Dithered, the style looks horribly rendered and no sounds. For better result, keep it as a video. But if do not use heavy style, the animation rendering maybe ok. Gif Animation

Ok, That’s what I learnt today. I think I am going to make more Miss Rice animated stickers by using Photoshop now.

Ting Chen

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