Facebook Blurry Cover Photo

Today I changed my Facebook cover photo from my App, Halloween Photo Fun Art, it was blurry on the edge of my image. I have using different file format to eliminate the compressions. After searched on the Internet, I found one article is very useful as:

How to Get Sharp(er) Facebook Cover Photos

It’s well explained what happened when the file is compressed using different file format. Facebook uses JPG compression, mainly for photos, which means it’s better to export image as JPG rather then PNG. But for Retina Display, PNG is a wee better than JPG. What I did for my image, it’s simply two points when the text or vector illustration involved:

  1. Save to double the cover image size: 1656 x 630 px
  2. Export to JPG

The top one is jpg with size 1656 x 630 px

The middle one is jpg with size 828 x 315 px

The bottom one is png-24 with size 828 x 315 px

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