[Solve]Cordova plugins undefined with Ionic

“Cordova plugins undefined with IONIC framework” This post is to sort out a particular problem about when the ionic project starts running, there is an error message, said “Cordova plugins is undefined”. I searched over google, really cant find a good solution for it. People suggested to delete the plugin and reinstalled, which does not work for me. Look other people’s work, make me headache. I was trying to write information on the file which store in the cordova file system. »

Learn Animation in Photoshop For Second Time - Creating Frame Animation

Second Attempt This time, I used Create Video Timeline option, and tried to follow Smashing Magazine. I failed at the very first one, the blue circle, and I don’t even know what to do with it. I don’t think they talked in details enough. I googled the most of “animation in photoshop”, I feel that Dan Denneys tutorial have no talk in detail. Adobe Support has instructions, but all is word, I feel I am mentally have difficult in understanding them in the middle of nights. »

Learn Animation in Photoshop For First Time - Creating Frame Animation

Learn Animation in Photoshop with basic knowledge of making images. I have no knowledge of making animation in photoshop, this is my first attempt. I want to make animations for my Miss Rice Stickers. I found two tutorials are very helpful. These two sources are what I Learnt from: One is from creating Frame Animation Hubspot and Another one is from Create Video Timeline smashingmagazine You may interest my post —>How to create animation from Create Video Timeline . »

Miss Rice Premium Stickers

Our latest Miss Rice Premium Stickers have over 30 amazing new stickers! Share and express with your friends to make your conversation more lively and exciting. All the stickers are all fully animated! They are extremely cute and funny~! I plan to work on Miss Rice Stickers continuously bringing updates to this sticker pack, increasing the number of stickers to bring more joy to you and your friends! I would love to hear any feedback, comments or suggestions on anything you would like to see in this sticker pack. »

Halloween Photo Fun Art

Halloween Photo Fun Art is an iMessage sticker pack which can be downloaded in App Store. In this festive, this sticker pack is for adorable n terrific photo decoration to express friends and families. With over 70 lovely stickers, we can create all different but unique faces for own pictures, including face masks and Halloween festival items, such as bats, Frankenstein and his bride, Grim Reaper and many more. This APP is available, click the link below: Halloween Photo Fun Art App link. »

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